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Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Concept of project

The goal of the final project is a lighting & animation match using live action footage and Mocap data. The project should have very little bed data in the Mocap data, and the foot and the ground must match. In addition, I downloaded Mocap data for free from Because this project uses animation more widely, I had to choose a broad ground when choosing a footage and wanted to pick out the place that looked visually brilliant. This time I had to make my footage data clean using 3D tracking in Nuke. I often tried trekking many times to get rid of the tracking data from Nuke. And my scene had lots of lighting in many places, so I had to think a lot about lighting placement.

-Responsible for Lighitng, Compositing, Rendering, Texture with Look dev

-Software used by Maya (Anorld Render), Substance Painter, NukeX

Work In Progress

One thing to be careful about when I took this reference was that I rotated the camera about 45 degrees so I had to fix the camera correctly. Make sure that all references and clean plates are taken correctly, then rotate the camera slowly.

Camera Tracking

When tracking the camera, we track how much of the entire footage we want to frame. Before you start tracking, you have to go into the tracking node and make sure that the lens and camera settings are correct. Then click Tracking and then click solving. To clear the bad data, you can go into autotracks, adjust the min length and max error, and update the tracking again. And with normal lens distortion, you can accurately match the footage and camera lens settings.


First, both Mocap and the camera must export to fbx. After exporting, you should match the camera to the ground perspective. When the persepective match is over, put the projection in the dome light and set the HDRI. Arrange the lighting correctly for HDRI and footage.

Lighting Render Pass

I had some difficulty with the shadow part in this render layer. My footage was especially a lot of lights. So I had to make sure the shadows came in correctly and make it sharper. Another curious thing is that when I first rendered it, I could not get alpha, so I had problems compositing it. However, once again resetting the render settings, I realized again that Alpha is coming back.

Final Compositing

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